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Give your employees the financial support they want, with tailored financial plans, asset management, and one-on-one conversations with matched advisors.

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A partner to scale employee support

Your financial partner across the full employee experience. From recruitment and onboarding, to open enrollment, equity grants, and offboarding.

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built for you

We collect company benefit information to help employees better utilize their total compensation and make more informed financial decisions.

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Easy and simple onboarding. Sign today, offer financial benefits tomorrow.

Qualified financial advisors at your fingertips

We’re a little different. When you subscribe with Pattern, you build a fiduciary relationship with us. That means we’re legally bound to put your interests ahead of ours.

Growing your nest egg

Pattern manages your wealth through maximizing the value of the assets you hold while maintaining a level of risk you’re comfortable with. From retiring early to saving  for your children’s college, we’re here to help.

The authenticity of a human plus the autonomy of a robo

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We have so much need for counseling, but we are just so under-resourced.

— Pastor, 1,000-person church in Texas

Our Pastor quit during COVID because he was so burned out from the counseling demands.

— President, 200-person church in Oregon

We have started referring people out for counseling, because we just can't handle the demand.

— Pastor 2,000-person church in suburban New York


Is my advisor a real person?
Yes, your advisor is a real person, so be nice! All of our advisors are appropriately licensed and excited to help you make the most of your money.
What qualifications do your financial advisors hold?
In addition to regulatory licenses (series 65 or 66), our advisors may carry some additional designations including enrollment to practice before the IRS, the CFA© charter, and/or the CFP© certification. Each advisor’s designations are listed on their profile, or can be found in brokercheck:
Is my advisor a fiduciary?
What investment services and advice can you provide me?
We offer investment management and financial planning services. That means our core services are to help you plan for taxes, investment strategy, cash flow management, estate, education, etc. while also managing the investable assets you deposit.
Can I invest in something not in my portfolio?
Usually, yes. We will recommend a portfolio based on the information you provide to us, but if there is a specific investment or strategy you would like implemented please let your advisor know and they can discuss customizing your portfolio.
How long do transfers take?
Deposits are initiated same-day but depending on your bank may execute on the next business day. Investment occurs once the deposit has cleared and during ordinary trading hours. Withdrawals may take approximately 4 business days as securities sales must settle before a distribution can be made.
Where can I find your disclosure documents?
Along the bottom bar of this page are hyperlinks to our disclosures. You can also find them by looking up Pattern on
I am having a technical problem. What now?
We have a few options for you. You can message support in-app under your account settings, or simply message your advisor. You can also email
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